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Meet our brand new 3D Scan facility!

Here, at 3D.sk, we combine technical knowledge with artistic experience to provide a real understanding of our clients' requirements. Thanks to this, we're the most significant online source of hi-res human and animal photo references for 3D artists and game developers. And now we're growing in 3D scanning industry with the brand new 3D scanning rig which can capture heads and bodies in high resolution. Or even with our unique pipeline creating excellent 3D head (face expressions) & 3D body (A-poses, T-poses, etc...) scans!

Director Richard Polak has worked with his team in creating tailored 3D reference content industry since 2004.

We're proud of our long-time experience, hard-earned skill, and our will to improve. This mix of qualities makes 3D.sk much more than a company.

We know the industry, and we understand our clients' needs. We are professionals.

Over the years, thanks to research, we've developed our head capture system with 100x Canon D250, 5x Canon Mark D4, four light generators Hensel 4000Ws and 12 lighting Hensel heads 3000Ws. This innovation gives us the ability to capture heads and bodies in a single scan. So only we can significantly save both time and money of our clients in 3D VFX industries.

Do you want any kind of cooperation with us? Feel free to contact us richard(at)3d.sk


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